By using SMART, Enschede municipality provides cycling challenge every month for two weeks. It started in March 2017 and is still ongoing. The focus of the app is on all travellers. The SMART app is used to register the mobility pattern of travellers through their smartphone. Based on the collected information, they are stimulated to use the ‘active travel modes’ such as cycling more often. From March 2017 to June 2018, 1868 SMART users that joined the challenge at least once. In total, 5525 users that had the SMART app on their phone. 

Main technologies used:

  • Tracking individual trips and distinguish transport mode (based on GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM cells).
  • Provide feedback, information to the target groups
  • Provide challenge, reward to target groups.
  • Mange experience sampling

How does the system collect/generate data (if any)? Based on GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM cells, data on individual trips and mode split information is generated. Only anonymous information is collected, no name, gender, age, home and work address and email address information.

How does the system use data (if any)?  Show historical trip data in the app. Based on historical data personal information is provided. Data for academic research purposes.

Lessons learnt / factor of success (technical, legal, organisational, financial, geographic, …): A good business model to involve third parties to join. Cooperation of the public with private organisations to make the project in a long-run. Data privacy so that users can trust the app.

Impacts assessment / results (if available): We found cycling challenge has monthly short term impact for behavioural change, and even a long-term behaviour change if users used the SMART app for more than one year.

Documentation available on the project: All deliverables of this project can be found on this website. The detail information about the Enschede SMART cycling challenge project

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SESAMO – SEnsing and SAmpling for MObility
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Image of SMART app
Image of SMART app