28 Oct 2022

BITS recommendation workshops were organised to present the ITS implementations and their evaluations and to gather recommendations and reflections…

22 Sep 2022

Vives University collected and analyzed data from a measuring bike, designed with sensors detecting imperfections on cycle paths.

21 Sep 2022

The final event for the BITS project, held in person, will conclude four years of Europe’s first and only cycling specific ITS project.

20 Sep 2022

The City of Aarhus, Denmark, implemented a solution with LED light following a cycle path through a forest, as part of the BITS project.

06 Jul 2022

BITS Project partners gathered in-person in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, for a Steering Group Meeting of the project and the BITS Academy on Smart…

29 Oct 2021

The next three months are a critical period for deciding how much EU money can be allocated to cycling in the next few years. National governments are…