QCAM Camera
QCAM Camera
QCAM Camera
Figure 1. Front View QCAM Camera
QCAM Camera
Figure 2. Rear View QCAM Camera

QCAM cameras: Series of smart cameras with AI Recognition Features that can automatically detect vehicles, scooters, bikes, helmets, pedestrians, …

Mobility Monitoring and Data Analytics: Services that span the entire data value chain from data collection to information visualization, based on a wide variety of sources including our multifunctional QCAMs.

Mobility Management: Innovative, in-house developed tools for effective mobility management and law enforcement, based on the information and insights offered by the data-analysis process.

Macq Mobility Manager (M3): A flexible, modular and scalable platform to manage all the mobility monitoring and management tools.

In short, Macq offers a full range of products to monitor, analyse and manage mobility problems, allowing us to provide a unique, all-in-one service to effectively improve mobility and road safety.

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