BPARK fully automated and secure bicycle parking system

BPARK fully automated and secure bicycle parking system


BPARK manufactures an innovative, fully automated bicycle parking system that completely eliminates theft and vandalism, thereby encouraging bicycle use. The parking system is highly user-friendly and operates 24/7 without the need for staff. Furthermore, it boasts the highest capacity per square meter.

The lift system developed by BPARK retrieves bicycles and positions them precisely within the cylindrical storage facility, ensuring no chance of damage. Access to the storage area is restricted, safeguarding bikes and accessories from vandalism and theft.

BPARK's system accommodates bicycles of varying sizes, including cargo bikes and tricycles, in designated lockers.

Utilizing intelligent software provides several benefits. Users can reserve parking spaces in advance, eliminating uncertainty about secure parking availability. Additionally, the software tracks the duration of each parked bicycle. If a preset time limit is exceeded, the owner or storage facility manager receives an automatic notification, enabling timely removal of the bicycle to maintain maximum capacity.

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