20 Sep 2022

The City of Aarhus has implemented a solution with LED light in the cycle path, as part of the BITS project. The solution has been chosen because the lack of possibility to implement normal street lightning. The cycle path runs through a forest which makes it ideal for this type of solution. The solution guides the cyclist on cycle path through the forest in the dark hours.

Light in all colors

The RopeLight implemented can use a wide range of colors and it also gives the possibility to use data for choosing the color scheme. At the moment the solution can change color by temperature, while sunset and sunrise define when its turned on and off. The color scheme can be planned to show the shifting seasons, events and other initiatives that could benefit from the solution. The solution can also be dimmed to secure a nice level of light for the cyclist to benefit from the solution and not being bothered by the light.

Different experience

RopeLight will also be a different experience for the cyclists and hopefully commuters will look forward to drive through the RopeLight wondering what colors they will meet and by the same time feel that the solution has made it safer to use the cycle path having the possibility to see the curves of the trail.


The first impression from cyclists were good and we therefore look forward to interviewing users to find out what they think about the solution and if they have any information about how we should use it. The evaluation will be done in dark hours in the beginning of October.

The technical solution

The project is a pilot project and during the implementation there has already been indications on where to cut costs and make the solution better for doing service. Some of the knowledge we would like to collect is how stable the solution is and to see if it is possible to service with reasonable cost.

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