White-Label Don Cicleto Access Control Platform

Our access control platform makes it possible to digitize any secure bicycle parking infrastructure.

Used in our own products, as in the case of Bicihangar Rockets, or in third party products as white label, our platform allows an enhanced user experience for both the cyclist and the operator of the secure parking network.

Our Access Control Platform is composed o 3 main elements:

  • The App
  • The Administration Panel
  • The Door Control System



One APP, one Ecosystem

One single APP that connects infrastructure, product and service to micromobility users.

Through the APP users register and reserve a slot in the parking they want, wherever it is.

The service is fully digitised without the need of physical cards.

All the necessary functionality for users.

Main features:

  • Available in both Apple Store and Google Play
  • Parking Map
  • Real-Time availability
  • Monthly subscriptions and pay per use services
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Usage history & Carbon Footprint monitoring
  • Its API Rest architecture allows it to easily integrate with third parties.


Administration Panel

Convenient monitoring and control wherever you are

From the administration panel, we can operate the network: registration bike parks and parking spaces, manage user registrations and cancellations, uses, payments and transactions, display of occupation, etc.

In short, all the necessary functionality for the perfect operation of the bike parking network.

Proven reliability with more than 20,000 transactions since 2015.


Door Controller System

Open Sesame

Access control is performed from the user's APP via a Bluetooth connection established between the user's phone and the electronics controlling the electromechanical lock, which avoids having to manage physical keys as well as minimising energy consumption.

When a user presses the open button, the system automatically authenticates both the user and the door controller system, thus avoiding the risk of an unauthorised third party being able to open the parking lot.

Main features:

  • Bluetooth: control all locks from any Bluetooth enabled smart device
  • API integration: Integrates with existing platforms to avoid multiple platforms and redundancy
  • Cloud-based: Locks, keys, app, and web portal synchronized in real-time
  • Mesh Networking Tech: Allows for two-way communication between the lock and the cloud
  • Operating voltage: 12V or 24V
  • Low energy consumption: <25mA @ 12V
  • Operating temperature:  -40°C to 80°C
  • Weather rating: IP66


Value Proposition

Micromobility represents one of humanity’s greatest hopes for a shift towards a zero-carbon future and in this context, the Bicihangar Rocket is a unique and sustainable solution to accelerate the change towards a sustainable model of urban mobility by:

  • eliminating a major barrier like the absence of secure parking options for bikes
  • recovering space from cars and promoting a fair distribution of public space.
  • making easier for more people a healthy, fast and affordable mobility option
  • reducing to 0 the consumption of energy thanks to the use of renewables energies (solar) and high efficient equipments
  • offering a gender and age well adapted design
  • adding electrical chargers for electric bikes
  • facilitating the integration and collaborations with third parties (MaaS,etc) thanks to well documented API’s
  • offering resilient infrastructure able to adapt to change on demand (number of users or locations)
  • reducing noise, congestion and pollution by minimizing installation and civil works labor and time
  • promoting the use of private bikes in contrast to bike sharing systems that are much more costly for public entities, do not generate any local economy and invade public space and sidewalks.
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White-Label Don Cicleto Access Control Platform