Trafficpilot (GLOSA-App)

Will the next traffic light show green in a few seconds?
Is it possible to drive through without stopping? Or would it be better to reduce speed to stay in the green wave? What is the optimal speed? Can green no longer be reached anyway, so that coasting is the best option? And when exactly will it be green again? 
We know - and share the information!

GEVAS software GmbH has developed the smartphone app trafficpilot, a green wave assistant that informs users about the future signal state of traffic lights by providing the following features:
- Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) and 
- Time-to-Green (TTG). 
In addition to the display of a so-called green carpet, speed recommendations are also given via audio.

The trafficpilot can be used on iOS and Android devices and enables users to drive in a more relaxed manner, as they are informed in advance about the future signalisation status of the traffic lights. The trafficpilot can be used by both cyclists and vehicle drivers.

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Trafficpilot (GLOSA-App)