Strava Metro

Users of the Strava-app can be traced during their sports activity. This can be either running, hiking or cycling. Data of the activity can be analysed via the app or website. Strava Metro aggregates and de-identifies this data and then partners with departments of transportation and city planning groups to improve infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians.

The systems collects data if users allow Strava to register the activity. Metro makes the data available for city planners by aggregating the data and de-indentifying them. Several reports can be drawn from them, for example a before and after comparison of an infrastructure project.

Strave-data isn’t freely available for use in open source environments. Data can be bought from Strava. The app is meant for sporters to register, analyse and compare their activity. Data from Strava are interesting but it’s not sure how representative the information is about the active mode movement.

Main technologies used: Cell-phone, GPS-tracker in cell-phone. App.

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Strava Metro