See.Sense BEAM & BEAM+

See.Sense is a Northern-Irish based mobility technology and data company, on a mission to make cycling better - by making it safer, more convenient and even more enjoyable.  See.Sense uses patented sensor technology and AI to improve the safety and experience of the rider and empower cities with powerful data insights that lead to actionable outcomes.

See.Sense BEAM and BEAM+ are powerful, connected front lights designed to adapt their brightness to your ride, increasing your visibility.  See.Sense BEAM is The Independent’s ‘Best Buy’ (IndyBest) and ‘Best Overall’ from '12 best bike lights to help keep you safe for 2022.' BEAM is the first-ever to see front light designed to intelligently pulse when you most need to be visible (e.g. at roundabouts or junctions), providing BEAM with unparalleled situational awareness.

See.Sense BEAM and BEAM+ are smart and connected. By connecting to the See.Sense mobile app, users can personalise their light settings, receive low battery, crash and theft alerts, and access their personal ride stats. By using the See.Sense Report and Infrastructure Request feature on the app, users can influence transport planning decision makers to improve cycling infrastructure and conditions for cycling where they are riding. BEAM and BEAM+ also feature ‘Get Me Home’ mode, adapting the light to shine for at least one more hour when your battery drops below 20%. 

When you cycle with BEAM and BEAM+, the patented sensor technology within them monitors your riding experience. This includes detecting real-time information on any collisions or near-miss events you were involved in, the road surface quality, or your journey flow. These powerful anonymised data insights are used by cities to improve safety, design and maintain cycling infrastructure, and enable more people to cycle. By using BEAM and BEAM+, you’re joining a community of riders helping to make cycling safer and smarter.

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See.Sense BEAM & BEAM+