PowUnity BikeTrax

PowUnity BikeTrax


BikeTrax is a GPS theft protection for e-bikes. The GPS tracker is mounted in the e-bike motorhousing and connected to the PowUnity App with which the user can track the e-bike in real time Europewide. Is the bike being moved without authorization, the user gets an alarm to the PowUnity app.

The BikeTrax Tracking System is an add-on product to the B2C customer but also a tracking solution via API for digital e-bike fleet management. The PowUnity tracking system for e-bike fleet management gives you a real-time overview of the whole e-bike fleet and can be integrated with the internal system via an interface. This is why a growing number of companies are successfully using the BikeTrax tracking system to offer customers modern mobility -, sharing- or CEP services. 

In cooperation with e-bike manufacturer PowUnity offers a white-label e-bike app and a data dashboard. The GPS tracker hardware functions as an IoT-gateway.

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