Flowell Dynamic Road Marking

Flowell is the first ever dynamic road marking. It is an active, scalable and modular light-emitting signaling system that allows to optimize safety and traffic flows. Flowell makes it possible to organize the shared space of roads and city streets thanks to a device based on dynamic control of light-emitting signaling. Installed on existing roads, Flowell offers a great degree of flexibility and adapts the infrastructure to the needs of both urban and rural communities.


Flowell is an innovative LED-embedded active road marking solution. It’s a versatile, scalable innovation that improves traffic flows and road safety. Flowell is a road-integrated illuminated thin LED panel bonded to the road surface. The solution consists of thin panels (8mm) of LEDs encapsulated in a multi-layer substrate. The visibility of Flowell especially in dark or adverse weather conditions is unparalleled and offers new possibilities to improve safety on the highway. Flowell has been fully tested and can bear all vehicle loading and delivers the same skid resistance and grip as conventional road surfacing.

Use Cases

Flowell allows highways engineers the ability to create dynamic road markings, either by backlighting existing markings or displaying new ones. This unique feature opens new possibilities in term of traffic safety and management.

The technology is a versatile, scalable innovation that can be used for a number of applications on motorways, urban roads and cycling infrastructures. It also finds new fields of application in dynamic parking management, railways crossings and railway stations, aircrafts guidance on airfields.

  • Smart dynamic crosswalks
  • Bike priority at intersection
  • Traffic discipline and guidance on roundabouts
  • Lane closure and lane sharing on highways
  • Speed calming and warning signal

Experimentations in progress

Flowell is being implemented and tested through a series of pilot projects. More than 15 projects have been implemented in France, England and USA. There are currently several use cases being tested: speed moderation, cycles or pedestrian prioritization, dynamic crosswalks, vehicle guiding, and others.

Each project is evaluated through impact surveysthat measures how Flowell makes a difference on traffic flows, road safety and user experience.

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Flowell Dynamic Road Marking