Eco-Visio software
Eco-Visio software

Online, easy-to-use data analysis platform.

Eco-Visio is Eco-Counter’s analysis software. This platform does not require any software to install or download, it is a secure website in HTML5 format, accessible with a personal login and password. This system makes it possible to share data in real time between several users: the platform can be consulted on computer, tablet and telephone, and requires only an internet connection to access data and analyses. Count data is automatically transmitted to the platform via an automatic daily GSM transmission, or by a manual reading performed by a user, who transfers it to the software.

With Eco-Visio 5, your data analyses are presented in the form of a personalised dashboard. Data are visible at any given moment, saved in real time on your account.

Dashboards consist of a variety of interactive ‘widgets’ – dynamic data visualization modules.

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