Cycling Insights

Cycling Insights


Cycling Insights uses a big data approach for bicycle network usage analytics.

It is an AI-driven fusion of ground-truth sensor data and GPS bicycle trip traces from a dedicated smartphone app – Geovelo, a specialized company in bike guidance and GPS track analysis is our partner on this innovative solution.

Users of Cycling Insights can uncover trends and manage bicycle usage in a city or region using a high-powered user-friendly dashboard.

It generates key indicators such as:

  • Traffic trends
  • Number of trips/day
  • Origin / destination matrixes
  • Desire lines
  • KM per infrastructure (%)
  • Number of stops / kilometers
  • Impact of weather on traffic
  • Speed, distance & average time

Cycling Insights supports the various stakeholders involved in cycling policies, such as bicycle officers, communications managers and GIS departments.

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Eco-Visio 5 Dashboard
Eco-Visio 5 Dashboard
Eco-Visio 5 Dashboard