C-CALL - Central-based prioritization

C-CALL can be used to implement a modern form of traffic prioritisation for any group of users - such as cyclists and bicycle couriers, but also public transport and emergency vehicles (police, fire department, ambulance service). C-CALL implements a centralised prioritisation of these vehicles based on reported position and trip data. The position data can be provided by ITCS, smartphone app, on-board units or roadside units. There is also the possibility to send information about the future route in order to be able to send the requests even more accurately and earlier.

The request includes, among other things, the estimated time of arrival of the vehicle at the stop line and a priority. The priority is calculated separately for each vehicle. The possibilities for prioritisation range from simple rules - such as immediate prioritisation - to complex prioritisation rules weighing different competing user groups at a node. 
Due to the centralised approach, the prioritisation rules for the different user groups can be adapted and imported at short notice for all traffic lights that are involved.

In an intuitively understandable user interface, essential information, such as the trip progression matched to a node-edge model, as well as the requests and prioritisations that have taken place, are displayed.
The web interface also offers the possibility of analyses based on the recorded data.

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C-CALL - Central-based prioritization