Bike Citizens Cycling Platform to Encourage Cycling

Bike Citizens provides the digital home for cyclists providing routing and navigation as well as digital cycling stimulation campaings (Bike2Work) or encouraging benefit campaings (bike Benefit) to reward cyclists for their mobility behaviour. The cyclingfriendly routing enables every person to start cycling and experience the joy of it. Digital promotion campaings trigger different motivations to use the bike as daily urban means of transport.

The collected rides provide a profound insight in local cycling behaviour via GPS data analysis.

Other products or services:

Bike Citizens Cycling App

Cycling Reward System: Bike Benefit

Bike2Work Challenge: Play and Bike2Work

Bike2School Challenge: Bike2School

Road Safety Campaing: PING if you care!

Data Anaylsis: Bike Citizens Analytics

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Bike Citizens Cycling Platform to Encourage Cycling