Bicycle Parking Guiding System

Cyclists get information on where they can park their bicycle in dedicated parking facilities in the city centre of Utrecht (not in public space). Also information on the route to the location is provided. Therefore they have to download an app (P-route Fiets) on their smartphone. The system registers empty spots in the parking facility and communicates that information.

The collected data (on available parking space) is sent to:

  • signposts at the parking lot
  • signposts direct outside the parking facility
  • signposts in the area along cycleroutes
  • the app that gives information to users about parking space
  • open-data source to be used by third parties

Moreover, data is collected in a management system about the use of the parking facility. With the system, it can be determined how much time a parking spot is occupied, when  bicycles come in and when they leave. The system does not collect data of users.

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Bicycle Parking Guiding System