Bicihangar Rocket

The Bicihangar Rocket is a smart, modular and scalable bike parking for cities that protects bicycles from vandalism, theft and inclement weather. An unique solution to make a real difference in the mobility in our cities.

This solution has a series of characteristics that make it unique. Regarding existing solutions, our Bicihangar Rocket  is completely digitized, which allows a considerable improvement of the user experience by being able to offer monthly subscriptions and pay-per-use, and not only annual subscriptions. In addition, the user accesses the Bicihangar Rocket through an APP instead of using a physical key or a card, even if it is possible as well, which improves the user experience and allows an immediate use of the parking.

Furthermore our system could not steal space from the pedestrian area. It is designed to occupy half of a car space, which makes the solution scalable using car parking spaces, not pedestrian curb space.

The system is also completely autonomous (solar energy) and self-standing, which avoids the need of civil works or connections to the power grid.

The Bicihangar Rocket can be easily installed in less than a hour and changed locations to cope with higher user demand or variations, as it is not “anchored” to the ground. It is algo modular, so we can grow and scale as needed.

Finally, our value proposition is to offer a series of parking formats, - and not only the Bicihangar Rocket - all operating under the same technological platform, which provides seamless operations and experience for city halls and users.

Value Proposition

Micromobility represents one of humanity’s greatest hopes for a shift towards a zero-carbon future and in this context, the Bicihangar Rocket is a unique and sustainable solution to accelerate the change towards a sustainable model of urban mobility by:

  • eliminating a major barrier like the absence of secure parking options for bikes
  • recovering space from cars and promoting a fair distribution of public space.
  • making easier for more people a healthy, fast and affordable mobility option
  • reducing to 0 the consumption of energy thanks to the use of renewables energies (solar) and high efficient equipments
  • offering a gender and age well adapted design
  • adding electrical chargers for electric bikes
  • facilitating the integration and collaborations with third parties (MaaS,etc) thanks to well documented API’s
  • offering resilient infrastructure able to adapt to change on demand (number of users or locations)
  • reducing noise, congestion and pollution by minimizing installation and civil works labor and time
  • promoting the use of private bikes in contrast to bike sharing systems that are much more costly for public entities, do not generate any local economy and invade public space and sidewalks.
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Bicihangar Rocket